In which, someone got very, very drunk.

It seemed like any other Mirth of Persanthus festival. The midwives and old maids were gathering the children up, while the festival went on in the town square.

There was an Elf who just came into town, with a sad look on his face.

An Elf with nimble fingers, looking to lighten a travelers load.

An Elf walking about, inquiring about a missing longbow.

A Half-Elf with a determined look made it into town, bearing the marks of Regulus.

And there was one human that stood out, looking for misdeeds instead of joining the festivities.

Eventually, they all found their way to the tavern. At the tavern, the human, Grant, sat down at the bar. He ordered a drink and told the story of this child at the party, stealing purses from others, and how he made the child return them. “I did a GOOD deed.”

The nimble Elf, Bruce, immediately sat down by the fellow, inquiring about his day, and bought another drink for his new found friend.

The Elf with a sad face, Godou, came over to investigate this human, and bought them several drinks.

The Priest of Regulus, Zeke, came over to congratulate the human for keeping the law in this town, to which the human advised that he was only a member of the militia.

The Elf looking for the longbow, Sanic, sat back and watched the going ons.

The group sat around the bar for a few hours, during which time they convinced the human to consume very copious amounts of ale. Bruce would say “Have another drink with me!” To which Bruce would reply “I’ve drank 6 to your one!” and Bruce would reply with, “That’s just not true, this is at least my fourth.” It wasn’t his fourth, it was his second, but after two or three steins for everyone else, they had managed to make a very very drunk Grant. At this point, the barkeeper told everyone he just wanted to go to the festival, and out everyone went. The Festival was just like the rest, a no kids allowed party for adults, a celebration of love, and copious amounts of public affection. Grant drank even more.

Eventually the individuals went to bed, only to be awoken by a tolling of the towns bells. The town was under attack! Bruce, whom Grant had invited to his house, kicked Grant awake. These people ran out into the streets, Sanic and Bruce climbing on top of houses to get a perch for firing their bows. Godou blended into the shadows, while Grant and Zeke took up a spot in the street. Zeke was able to cast a spell to clear up Grant’s head, and they were ready for battle! After a few waves of goblins an orcs attacked the party, Bruce saw an Ogre walking down the street. The orcs around the Ogre charged the men on the street, and Bruce promptly persuaded the Ogre to fall asleep. After cutting down the orcs, Grant ran over to quickly finish off the ogre. Bruce yelled down “Make sure you cut out its heart for me!”

And so ended the first meeting of these individuals.


JohnathonWeymouth JohnathonWeymouth

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