Chaotic Neutral; Freedom, Expression, Fire, Luck, Entertainers.


Londawn is the God of freedom and self expression, moving forward, entertaining a crowd, jokes and merryment.

Londawn’s favored weapon is the short sword.

A priest of Londawn is granted the ability to free themselves from any non-magical restraints, once per day. Every three levels they are allowed to perform this one extra time per day. At 6th level they are allowed to do perform this on a magical restraint, be it of the mind, spirit or body. Magical restraints can only be attempted once per day. At second level, the priest can control normal fires, per the wizard spell. At third level, a priest of Londawn is able to stand temperatures up to 120 degrees with no ill effects, and temperatures as low as 40 degrees. At 8th level, a priest of Londawn is totally at home on the road, able to sleep in the most uncomfortable of weather conditions with no ill effects. A priest of Londawn must have a charisma of at least 13 and a constitution of 12.

Londawn grants access to the following spheres: Major: All, Fire, Sun, Travelers. Minor: Healing, Combat.



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