Neutral Good; Sun, Magic, Study, Intelligence, Patience


A Priest of Seran can cast spells as wizard based on his current level. At level three, the priest can cast first level wizard spells, second level spells at 6th, third level spells at 9th, fourth level spells at 12th, and 5th level spells at 15th. This priest can choose to have bonus spells from Abilities for either their wizard spells, or their priest spells, not both. This Priest only gets d6 for hit dice, and cannot wear armor. This priest is required to always protect magical items, spellbooks, and wizards who are not actively trying to harm them or others. To learn and use wizard spells, this priest must carry a spellbook made of ivory, inlaid with gold, and bound with silk. This spellbook is effectively twice as expensive as a normal wizards spellbook. This priest is limited to using staffs or scepters as weapon, and cannot use a shield. Ability Requirements: 14 Int, 13 Wis, 12 Cha.



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