Lawful Neutral; God of Law, Justice, Defense of Others, Armorers.


Regulus is the God of Law, Justice, Defending Others, Armorers, and Blacksmiths.

Regulus’ favoured weapon is the Long Sword.

Regulus grants spells from the Following spheres: Major: All, Guardian, Law; Minor: Divination, Protection

A Priest of Regulus gets the ability to use shields for free. At fourth level the Priest gets free shield specialization: Medium. Last, Free Armor specialization in an armor of his choice at 8th level. This priest cannot turn undead, is allowed to use swords, blunt weapons, and thrown weapons. Ability requirements: Str: 10, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14

A Paladin of Regulus is a Justicar, abilities are as stated in the PHB, with the exception of being able to turn undead, and combat sphere is changed to guardian sphere. Ability requirements are the same. Justicars can detect the will of lawbreakers, such as those who are planning major crimes, and the presence of chaotic beings. The Aura of protection functions against chaotic beings, and Justicars can employ only lawful henchmen. A Justicar cannot lay on hands, but instead is allowed to allowed to Recite a prayer to Regulus, which causes 1hd per hd of the Justicar of enemies to be stunned for 3 rounds. Ability requirements: Con 14, Wis 14, Cha 17


Regulus is a moderately shaped god, no taller than others, while not the shortest. He has a bare face, with short hair, combed back. Regulus is only seen on the rarest occasions without his suit of Full Plate Armor on. His armor is silver, with the rules and regulations of the gods scrawled across the front. The back of the armor has all the physical laws of the Prime material plane. Each extremity bears the rules and commandments demanded of his followers, in each language spoken by them. when ready for war, Regulus dons a large helmet, adorned with horns such as from a bull. The helmet causes his eyes to glow white. Regulus wields a long sword, and a medium shield. Upon the medium shield is the name of every Priest or Paladin Regulus has ever or will ever have under his wing. A few names seem to be scratched off.

Regulus, being a god of Laws, is one of the two gods who are said to be the final arbiter for all courts. Regulus is stoic in the face of his enemies, hardworking in the forge, and quick to jump to the aid of a friend.


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