Chaotic Good God of War, Weapon Mastery, Strength, Competition, Health.


Brogan is the God of War, Weapon Mastery, Athleticism, Competition, Health, and Strength.

Brogan’s favoured weapon is the Two-Handed Sword.

Brogan grants spells from the following spheres: Major: All, Combat; Minor: Healing, Elemental: Earth

A Priest of Brogan can get a free Weapon of Choice of their choosing at 1st level. At 4th level they can freely specialize in one weapon style for that weapon. At 8th level Weapon of Choice turns into weapon specialization. Ability requirements: Str 14, Con 12, Wis 9,

A Paladin of Brogan; Name to be decided gets free Weapon Expertise with Two-Handed Swords. At 5th level this turns to Weapon Specialization. At 9th this becomes Greater weapon specialization. At 7th level this character can give speeches that dispel fear and grants +2 saves against fear for all who hear. Is granted further abilities as a Paladin, with the exception of +2 to saving throws, can only cast spells from combat sphere, and cannot use Lay on Hands. Ability requirements: Str 16, Con 14, Wis 9, Cha 17,


Brogan’s body is shaped like that of a large, burly red-haired man. He generally has a smile on his face, a full red beard, and brown eyes full of mirth. He wears around a yellow toga, which exposes the right side of his chest to his right hip. His hair is worn in a braid down to the middle of his back, with golden rings keeping it together. When dressed for war, Brogan dons golden coloured mail with a breastplate over it. The breastplate is golden coloured as well, and has a intricate engravings of battling warriors. Brogan strides into battle wielding a large two-handed sword.

Brogan supports wars that are fought justly and fairly. Brogan does not support killing of prisoners, civilians, or anyone helpless. Brogan loves to compete with the others gods in feats of strength and skill, such as wrestling and mountain tossing.


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